From startup to scaleup. Do you want to be part of the journey?


JNE Invest currently has an attractive portfolio of 13 portfolio companies in two main segments: Digital Brands and Tech. The objective is to achieve an annual increase in value of 25% in our portfolio companies. At the very least.

We believe in the person behind the idea. We feel that it’s important to be a part of innovative and unconventional solutions where we can contribute our experience and know-how. By pledging to take an ethical perspective, we invest in companies that challenge existing structures.

JNE Invest is an owner- and value-driven owned limited company with just over 50 shareholders. Our shareholders are all attracted by the opportunity to participate in high-yield investments where JNE Invest has an active role.

Are you interested in knowing more? As a shareholder in JNE Invest, you will have the opportunity to participate in investments that are based on experience and professionalism, and which are very difficult to find without assistance. We maintain an open dialogue, and always inform our shareholders to the best of our ability. We evaluate and meet a large number of companies, which means that new opportunities for investments come up all the time, at very short notice.

For more information, please contact Tomas Theren, Chair of the Board: