Once we’ve finished counting, we’re happy for 1 + 1 = 11.


We have developed a process that’s an important tool when we work, evaluate, and invest in companies. The process helps everyone involved to clearly see what’s going on in different phases, the requirements being proposed, which documents should be ready, etc. The objective is transparency and clarity – so we can create the best framework for the future.

Phase 1: Identify.
We are actively working and looking for investees that meet our investment criteria. The search process and then selection take place through contact with our network, business incubators, via recommendations, etc.

Phase 2: Assess.
Coarse thinning and initial assessment are the next step in the process. This is where we look at whether the investee company complies with JNE Invest’s investment policy. We then conduct a cursory review of the industry, the company, and the entrepreneurs themselves.

Phase 3: Shine a light.
Now it’s time for the first meeting with JNE Invest. The aim here is to examine together whether our basic view of the future is the same. The meeting will be with two people from JNE Invest. If we do have a consensus, we will book a further meeting to look at the data together and perform a deeper analysis.

Phase 4: Decide.
The data is analysed and, if the investment steering group’s assessment is that it may be interesting to invest, supporting documents are prepared for the Board, who will make a decision on a possible investment.

Phase 5: Invest.
Our shared journey starts now! We ensure all the formalities are dealt with and materials are in place, and right from the very start we come up with solutions that make it easy for new investors to step into the future – all to give the company the best framework for growth.