Elly Pistol strengthens finance team

2 Apr 2020

Elly Pistol closes new share issue with key expertise in e-commerce!
The fashion company Elly Pistol is growing yet again, and has just closed a new share issue that saw key expertise within Growth Hacking and Brand Communication join the group of shareholders. A warm welcome to Elly Pistol for Fedja Porobic from Desifer and Jonas Hedeback from Brand Club! Fedja Porobic is a senior e-commerce consultant within Growth Hacking, helping e-commerce businesses to accelerate their growth online. He is currently Head of Growth at Desifer, a company that works with innovation-driven processes to increase growth.

“I strongly believe in the future potential of Elly Pistol, which has so far almost grown organically. It will be fun to support the team working with one of the boldest brands in its segment. Now they have an extremely capable team to back them up, there’s a great deal of opportunity in the current climate to improve the online customer experience!” says Fedja Porobic.”