Elly Pistol sharpens its Board profile

2 Jul 2020

Elly Pistol closed a small new share issue last spring, and at the same time announced that the company was aiming to double its revenue this year. As part of the investment in growth, the company is now strengthening its new Board. The new Board Members are Diana Selguson, Catharina Schröder, and Fedja Porobic. Fedja Porobic is Head of Growth at Desifer, and now the new E-commerce Manager at Elly Pistol.

Catharina Schröder’s most recent position was as CEO of the entrepreneurship foundation Drivhuset in Uppsala, where her work included supporting over 250 startups to start and run operations. She is a co-founder of a female investment company and has worked with brand recognition both locally and nationally. Catharina Schröder is now working as Investment Manager at JNE Invest, as well as being the new Chair of the Board of Elly Pistol.

 “I’m proud to work with Elly Pistol; the company is aimed at women and has a clear vision that everyone has the right to a place in the world, to feel safe, and be heard. I have previously worked on equal opportunities issues, which is why this company is so close to my heart and I look forward to growing the company further,” says Catharina Schröder, Investment Manager at JNE Invest and Chair of the Board of Elly Pistol.