Our passion is maximizing opportunities for young companies. Thanks to structured processes and engagement, we can follow each company’s activities closely, taking an active and proactive approach to achieve the best possible development. We are happy to be part of innovative and unconventional solutions – and we focus on companies that challenge existing structures.


Niklas Norén
Managing Partner

Niklas has operational experience from consultancy, IT, startup, and green tech companies. He has more than 15 years’ experience of corporate finance, business development, and venture capital. Niklas has previously worked in leading financial roles at both listed and unlisted companies, including Cortus Energy (CFO), Eniro (Group Business Controller), Eltel Networks (CFO), and IBM (Nordic Controller). Niklas is a member of several boards.

Master in Business Administration from Stockholm University (SU).

Studies at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland.



Data eats money for breakfast.

– In the past I have worked as an angel investor in fashion and retail, and although I’m not a fashion guru myself, I do have great insight into data-driven business development and scaling companies effectively. In my career before JNE Invest, I worked with large financial transactions, but missed the operational change work – that’s why I decided to found a company that could contribute to a change beyond just money. And that was the start of what is now JNE Invest.

Henrik Jacobson
Investment Manager & Partner

Henrik has broad experience from management teams at medium-sized companies, as well as from startups, not to mention consultancy, technology, medical technology, and service companies. Henrik has worked at companies including Circassia (Senior Finance Director), Nobina (Controller), Sodexo (Controlling and BI Development), Net Entertainment (Project Manager), and Ericsson (Risk Management). He currently sits on several boards.

Master in Economics from Stockholm University (SU).

Political Science and Law studies at Stockholm University (SU).



Developing companies and people is what drives me.

– Before Niklas and I founded JNE Invest, I worked as a consultant with a focus on making efficiencies within various financial functions. I’ve always liked creating things so I can make good use of my skills and know-how. I now work with entrepreneur-driven companies and with people who are passionate about what they do. Getting to see them develop and helping them progress are my driving force.”

Jonas Nordlund
Growth Manager

Jonas has previously worked as a consultant within strategy and business development, and has experience of working in Europe, the USA, and Australia. In the last 10 years this was at his own company, with a focus on digital transformations within major international companies such as Ericsson and DHL. In recent years, Jonas has also worked with startups as an adviser and angel investor.

Master in Industrial Engineering and Management from Luleå University of Technology and Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.

Studies at Post University in the USA and University of Innsbruck in Austria.



Growth with different dimensions.

– The most enjoyable type of business development is working with high-growth companies in the early stages. Entrepreneurs are brave, at the forefront, and create the companies of tomorrow. Being part of their journeys and sharing long-term risk with them is both rewarding and challenging. JNE Invest is a good team where everyone shares the same values – together with our companies, we work towards the same goal.


Marie Reinius
Chair of the Board

Tomas has over 20 years of experience from private equity, investments and business development in Nordic and global operations, most recently as Managing Partner at Procuritas. Tomas is a member of several boards. He is also currently active as an advisor to and investor in unlisted companies.


Marie Reinius
Board Member

Former managing director of the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (2008–2013). Long-standing experience as COO, CFO, and financial director. Marie has previous industry experience within logistics, broadband, venture capital, and real estate. She currently sits on the board of several banks/financial companies and startups. Certified board member and approved by the Swedish and Norwegian financial supervisory authorities.

Linus Marmstedt

Linus Marmstedt
Board Member

Linus has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate finance/investment banking, and has held senior positions at companies including Carnegie and Nordea. He is currently acting as an adviser to major listed and unlisted companies.

Niklas Norén

Niklas Norén
Board Member

Co-founder and JNE Managing Partner. Niklas has operational experience from consultancy, IT, startup, and green tech companies. He has more than 15 years’ experience of corporate finance, business development, and venture capital.

Linus Marmstedt

Fredrik von Oelreich
Board Member

Fredrik is a venture capital investor as well as a member of several boards, i.e. Losberger De Boer, Aura Light and Plegium. He has a solid international management track record, i.e. CEO of Duni, Candyking and Lindab.